UD Condor series unveiled

The new Condor medium-duty trucks by UD Trucks feature improved environmental credentials, engine power, safety and more standard inclusions.

Combining both MK and PK models, the Condor series offers a configuration for almost any application.

The latest 2011 configuration is the PK 16 250 which is mated to the Allison five-speed automatic transmission. Adding the Allison five-speed automatic transmission provides customers the choice of two Allison automatics in the PK range. Allison automatic transmissions are available in all PK model trucks, as well as the MK 11 250.

The new Condor series is equipped with a new engine that has more power and torque. The 180kW model has 716Nm of torque, providing 5% more power and 6% more torque, while the 206kW variant has 883Nm of torque delivering 8% more power and 13% more torque when compared to the Euro 4 models.

The all new Condor chassis will be used on the series through to at least 2020. It has incorporated provisions for future Euro 6 power plants and exhaust emission systems. With the advanced developments in material technology and design, the chassis offers a 22% increase in strength. The 6450mm long wheelbase option provides a further 1.5% strength increase and a 50kg weight decrease.

Another change for the Condor series is the return of a UD Trucks specification Rear Engine Power Take Off (PTO) that can be fitted to any transmission or wheelbase, and can be installed by either the customer or dealer.

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