TWUSuper ‘Super Truck’ trailer launched

A TWUSuper branded ‘Super Truck’ trailer was recently launched by Glen Cameron Group CEO, Glen Cameron at the company’s head office in Melbourne to help promote the importance of retirement planning for workers within the transport industry.

The 45 foot drop-deck trailer proudly displays the TWUSuper message – ‘Hardworking Super for people in transport’.

According to Glen, superannuation and retirement planning play an integral role in attracting and retaining good people in the transport and logistics industry.

“If the predictions of the increase in the freight task over the next 5-10 years are even close to correct, the pressure to retain skilled people will be intense,” he said.

“Attracting and keeping good people is not just an issue for our company, but a huge challenge for all transport companies.”

TWUSuper CEO, Bill McMillin added that retirement planning strategies, such as transition to retirement pension solutions, are one way that clever companies can support and retain their employees.

“Simple education of the tax benefits of super and other government incentives can boost individual retirement savings which reflects positively on the employers providing the information and assistance,” said Mr McMillin.

“Our experience is that even in a tough industry such as transport, most companies are genuinely interested in helping their valued people retire with a level of dignity and a better lifestyle.”

In addition to developing print and online educational materials specifically for people in transport, TWUSUPER also delivers educational seminars in the workplace. The Glen Cameron Group will hold a series of these seminars for its staff.

Pictured from left to right: John Cotter, Business Development Consultant at TWUSuper; Glen Cameron, CEO at Glen Cameron Group; and Tony Buckley, Employer Strategy Manager at TWUSuper.

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