Two Qld companies show support for Road Ahead

Rick and Anneke Soole from Annric Bulk Haulage, and Kelvin and Shirley Fuller from K&S Transport have signed up to the Road Ahead supporters’ program in a bid to help the industry’s road safety exhibition spread its safety message further.

Annric Bulk Haulage specialises in bulk transport and over-dimensional loads, while K&S Transport specialises in multi-temperature refrigerated transport.
Both companies are based in Queensland.

Rick Soole is on the QTA Board, and first saw the Road Ahead two and a half years ago at the Brisbane Truck Show. “With the supporters’ program, I’ve been able to put my money where my mouth is,” he said.

“The Road Ahead serves two very important educational purposes – it helps to educate people of all ages about how to share the road with trucks – my wife and I both drive trucks and are on the road every day, where safety is a big issue.

“Secondly, it is giving young people the chance to see what sort of career opportunities there are in our industry.”

Kelvin and Shirley Fuller agreed that the exhibit is an important educational tool.

We all need to get behind this,” said Shirley. “The school program alone is remarkable – it’s good for kids to see what goes on in the transport industry and we need to encourage young people to join the industry because it’s getting tough out there.”

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