TruckWeek 2016: show Australia how trucking delivers

During TruckWeek, we encourage everyone from the largest fleet to the smallest one-person operation to get involved and hold a TruckWeek event in your local area.

The vital role of the trucking industry is something that most of our community don’t spend much time thinking about. TruckWeek helps our industry to connect with the community around us, show how much we do for Australia, and celebrate our achievements.

A local TruckWeek event can take many forms, from a BBQ at the depot, an open day, a visit to a local school or even inviting your local Member to take a ride in a truck.

By adding your event to the TruckWeek listing, you will contribute to a truck-positive message stretching right across Australia.

To take part, register your event on the TruckWeek website, The ATA will add it to the official event listing and promote it through our TruckWeek activities. We’ll also provide you with resources to help you run your event.

Some ideas are suggested here, or you can invent your own event to suit your business. Remember, all you need to do to make it an official TruckWeek event is register on the website.

For example, take a pollie for a trip: Why not invite your local mayor, councillors or state politician for a drive in a truck? It will give them a chance to see the challenges facing the industry and help them understand how to make your area more truck friendly.

Recognise long service to the industry: The trucking industry has some of the most dedicated employees in the country. If you have staff members who have driven millions of kilometres or given years of service to the trucking industry, why not recognise their achievements? Hold a small ceremony, present a certificate and even invite the local paper. We’ll even send you free TruckWeek achievement certificates when you register your event on the TruckWeek website. 

Place an advertisement or organise a story in your local paper, or on your local radio/television station: By placing an ad in your local paper or on local radio or television, you’ll be able to promote your business and tell people about the industry’s importance. Invite a journalist to your yard, take them out for a drive and make sure you get your message across. The TruckWeek website has the information you’ll need to make this happen.

Hold a trucking industry careers day for a local school: How will students know about all the great opportunities in the trucking industry unless you tell them? Speak to your local school about introducing the trucking industry to students. It’s a great opportunity to raise the profile of the industry, give students an idea of what you can offer them and encourage them to share the road safely.

Hold a barbecue: Why not find a nice public place or open your depot, shine up some trucks and put some sausages on the hotplate? Holding a free barbecue will build ties between your business and the local community, encourage them to understand the important role of our industry and enable you to pass on some road safety tips.

TruckWeek 2014 stretched across every state and territory of Australia, and had a record number of events reaching from Parliament House in Canberra to the red dust of the outback. With your help, we can make TruckWeek 2016 even bigger.

For event ideas and resources, including templates and fact sheets, go to the TruckWeek website at

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