Truckstop: BP Marulan

As one of Australia’s major inter-city highways, the 874 km Hume Highway is an important link for road freight to transport goods to and from Sydney and Melbourne. For drivers taking this long-haul route, it is imperative that they have access to the best rest and refuelling facilities to help them on their journeys.

As a part of BP’s growing network of truckstops across Australia, its “travel centre” built on either side of the Hume Highway is the perfect place for drivers to take a break and refuel. Situated 150 km south of Sydney, BP Marulan Northbound and BP Marulan Southbound provide great access for commercial customers to the highway, as well as some of the best rest, refuelling and restaurant facilities in the country.

Whether drivers are beginning their trip to Melbourne, or nearing the end of their trip to Sydney, BP Marulan provides access to the highest quality fuels and lubricants available to keep engines running at their peak. Drivers can also take advantage of the vast parking spaces, the wide refuelling positions, and use the hi-flow pumps to refuel quicker and more conveniently.

Designed with the needs of long-haul truck drivers in mind, the 24-hour facilities are a great place to recuperate. For customers looking for refreshment, a fully refurbished Road Haven Café with modern lounges offers cooked meals all hours of the day, while excellent shower facilities can be easily accessed to help drivers freshen-up before the next leg of a journey.

Facts & Figures


BP Marulan Southbound
and Northbound
Hume Highway,
Marulan, NSW, 2579


Unleaded 95, BP Ultimate, BP Unleaded 91 + Ethanol, Diesel, Any Autogas, BP Supplied Autogas


Road Haven Café, 24/7, EFTPOS, ATM, showers, parking facilities

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