Truck sales indicate regular dip for April

The April truck and van sales figures released by the Truck Industry Council indicate a slight reduction in the momentum generated during the first quarter.

Truck sales totalled 2,757 for the month which was 157 less than in March (-5.5 per cent). However, looking back at April results for the past couple of years this appears to be a regular dip for the first month of the second quarter. The truck results for April 2017 were 153 less than for March that year (-5.5 per cent) and looking at April 2016 there were 103 less trucks sold than in the previous month (-4.5 per cent). In every instance the sales for the following May and June bounced back in the rush to get investment onto the books before the end of the financial year.

The year to date accrual for cab chassis and prime movers ticked over to five figures (10,003 units) which is 2,048 (+25.7 per cent) up on the same four months last year.

The Heavy Duty category registered 1,156 for April, up 406 on April 2017 (+54 per cent) and only 18 less than in March this year. The year to date total for the flagship sector reached 4,059 at the end of April which is an impressive 1,192 more than for the same period in 2017 (+41.6 per cent).

Medium Duty trucks managed 674 new units for April (up 111 on April 2017 for a month to month comparison of +19.7 per cent) and the year to date result of 2,442 trucks is 201 more than for the same period in 2017 (+25.8 per cent).

The Light Duty category had a better month than it did in April last year with 927 units (+114 units or +14.0 per cent). The year to date total of 3,147 is 355 more than last year (+11.3 per cent).

The Heavy Van sector just managed to exceed the April 2017 result with 394 units being just 3 more than in April last year. Year to date the category has achieved 1,823 sales which is 103 more than in 2017 (+6.0 per cent).

Product availability and the capacity of body builders and trailer suppliers to meet the demand seem to be the only factors that can slow down the current growth in the Australian truck market. The last two months of the current financial year can be expected to reverse the slight ease of the growth rate experienced during April.

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