Truck industry findings reveal resilient, dynamic sector

Ben Lasry.

Earlier this year, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) released new independent research detailing key trends and challenges within Australia’s commercial road transport sector.

As part of the company’s thought leadership series, The Future of Trucking Report: The Way Forward, published in April, is based on input from more than 1,300 survey respondents from across the transport and logistic industry.

IAL Chief of Sales and Aftersales, Ben Lasry, discussed the reaction of road transport operators to the report explaining that there is no denying change in the industry is happening at a rapid pace.

“If the current state of Australia’s road transport industry and related sectors could be distilled down into a single descriptor, I’d have to opt for the word change,” he said.

Pinpointing the key challenges that emerged in the report, Lasry refers to the previous Future of Trucking report published in 2020, where half of all businesses surveyed said that their industry would change rapidly over the coming three years.

“This level of uncertainty represents a significant increase from the previous report, where only a third of businesses felt that the pace of industry change was of foremost concern,” said Lasry.

“One constant we can bank on in the transport sector is the persistent challenges faced by businesses large and small. The rise in the price of fuel – and the global forces dictating it – are of course a key one and of significant concern to the majority in the sector as the report outlines in greater detail.”

Despite these challenges the industry has demonstrated its capability to adapt.

Recent data shows changes in buyer behaviour. Specifically, the purchase of more efficient, cost effective and safer trucks.

Meanwhile, the national freight task continues its upwards trajectory in terms of demand.

As a critical period for the industry lies ahead this may seem daunting to some businesses. However, from analysing the findings of the report, Lasry is positive that many are well prepared for what lies ahead.

“With such change upon us at a pivotal juncture in the history of our industry, this second instalment of the Future of Trucking is both timely and valuable for all stakeholders,” he said.

“In such a dynamic and ‘essential’ industry, there will always be a multitude of challenges and the findings of this report paint the picture of a sector that’s willing to tough-out the harder times and continue to work towards innovative solutions to new problems.”

In other news, Cummins is launching a new 6.7-litre engine with Isuzu.

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