TRATON partners launch autonomous truck programs

TRATON Group member Navistar is making progress in autonomous driving technology in preparation for the launch of an autonomous commercial pilot program with customers in Texas.

Navistar is involved in a new partnership with Plus to integrate its Level 4 autonomous SuperDrive technology stack into International vehicles and other branded vehicles within the TRATON Group including Scania.

The high volume and scalability of hub-to-hub operations presents an immediate addressable market of 25 billion miles of long-distance freight on the US interstate system according to Navistar.

The company has strategically selected hub-to-hub operations as the company’s core segment for commercial viability of autonomous implementation.

International trucks equipped with SuperDrive by Plus are being validated with a safety driver on routes in Texas.

Customer pilots are expected within the year, with commercial deployments expanding incrementally along strategic US corridors.

“There is a strong business case for autonomous technology in the hub-to-hub distribution model, specifically in long haul transportation where there’s a compelling opportunity to increase operational efficiencies,” said Tobias Glitterstam, Chief Strategy and Transformation officer, Navistar.

“Global partnership with a company like Plus allows us to leverage the technical strides they have made as we work together to focus on the commercial viability of Level 4 autonomous driving.”

Chet Ciesielski, Vice President, On-Highway Business, Navistar said the autonomous commercial pilot program is intended to be a safe, reliable option for customers to explore the deployment and integration of autonomous vehicles into their operations.

“As always, we are committed to being a trusted partner as we seek to develop solutions for autonomous driving technology that increase our customers’ operating efficiencies, improve road safety, and alleviate strains in the supply chain,” he said.

As part of TRATON Group, Scania will also be involved in a new partnership with Plus.

Scania’s program launch comes as customers look for trusted and reliable partners for developing and deploying autonomous vehicles within their own operations.

This new solution from Plus stands out due to its adaptability to customers’ specific routes and transport profiles.

“We are committed to developing fully integrated autonomous solutions. This means technology that is fitted and supported directly from the factory and a solution that is designed to be operated by our customers in their existing infrastructure and operational flows,” said Peter Hafmar, Scania Vice-President and Head of Autonomous Solutions.

The launch and announcement are the latest stage in autonomous research and development for Scania.

The company, which has already been testing autonomous transport solutions on Swedish roads since 2021, has plans to expand pilot operations with customers in other European countries during 2024.

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