Transport operators given assurances on existing permits

The Roads and Maritime Services in New South Wales (RMS) has assured transport operators with existing road permits, including restricted access, will remain in force despite the numerous road name changes once the state moves to a new alpha-numeric system of identifying major routes.

Routes in New South Wales will be renamed under a process to bring the state into line with Queensland and Victoria.

The system identifies road corridors in order of their importance, with the letter ‘M’ standing for motorway, the letter ‘A’ signifying a route of national importance, and the letter ‘B’ highlighting a route of state significance.

According to the RMS, the change will make it easier for motorists to know if they are travelling on a motorway or a route of national or state significance as they plan their trip.

The introduction of the alpha-numeric system will be gradual, with more than 60 routes across NSW identified for the upgrade at a cost of around $20 million.

The project will start in March 2013 and be completed by December 2013.

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