Training critical for operator prosperity

Training and education continue to be a major focus for the freight and logistics industry as we strive to attain even higher standards and levels of professionalism.

Industry groups like the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) have long recognised the value in encouraging their membership to ensure staff possess the necessary practical skills and qualifications, because there are obvious dividends to be had in the form of productivity gains and cost savings.

Training has been a part of the VTA’s DNA for many years and is most certainly something that will continue to be a key focus for us going forward.

In conjunction with the Victorian Government we were thrilled that the Driver Delivery program we commenced over two years ago to help transition former automotive industry workers to a new career in transport has been extended.

For an industry like ours that is experiencing driver shortages, this program will make a significant contribution to attracting new people and, more importantly, ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to be an effective team member from day one on the job.

With the re-election of the Andrews Labor Government in Victoria late last year the industry can expect $4 million in funding over the next four years to train new drivers, with the aim of attracting 800 candidates.

This will make a noticeable difference and we look forward to helping recruit and train the next generation of heavy vehicle drivers.

I am also pleased to confirm the VTA, in conjunction with Victoria Polytechnic is once again offering its highly-acclaimed Cadetship Program in 2019. 

The program is a nationally recognised qualification and can be the stepping stone to a Diploma or Degree. 

The VTA Cadetship has operated for the past seven years and in that time has provided over 80 young candidates the opportunity to launch their transport and logistics careers.

This program is delivered through a unique blended learning program that matches young and motivated individuals with specific transport companies and delivers a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (TLI42106).

The course gives the individual the opportunity to continue work responsibilities and at the same time study for an industry qualification with little interruption from either entity.

The blended learning program enables the individual to study at their own pace and in their own environment and to connect with like-minded candidates.

It’s important to attract young people into our dynamic industry and this is one very positive way that the VTA facilities this pathway for both candidates and its member organisations.

Adult learning is all about the content of the course being relevant and applicable to the ‘real’ world. The VTA believes it achieves this with the VTA Cadetship Program and this is evident from the feedback from our recent candidates.

Comments from previous graduates include:

“Everything we were taught during the course was useful. The course covered enough different aspects of logistics without being too broad. My overall experience was positive, I learnt a lot and was exposed to many aspects of logistics that I never would have been exposed to otherwise and I was able to make friends in all aspects of the industry. The course structure was just right to balance work commitments with learning commitments.” –Joseph Bontorno

“The teachers were great and the VTA was very supportive of all the cadets. The course structure was just right to balance work commitments with learning commitments.”  – Jessica Cassar

There are also many benefits for employers and these include: reduced cost and financial support due to Government funding and the VTA’s management of all administrative elements; delivering long term, hardworking employees who produce consistently high levels of competency and knowledge; and an opportunity to develop either a new or existing employee both personally and professionally.

The VTA is proud of the Program and encourages all members to seriously consider this opportunity as part of their strategic ‘People’ business plan.

It is an ideal way to recruit and attract a young, positive and motivated person into your business and into our terrific industry.

For more details about Driver Delivery, the VTA Cadetship Program and the numerous other VTA training programs I encourage you to visit our website at

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