Total’s new Rubia range

The Total R&D Centre in Solaize, France is renowned for researching different aspects of modern engine development – from lubrication and combustion all the way to exhaust post-treatment – all in order to validate new technologies required in the field of lubricants, fuel and additives.

Commercial vehicles and earth moving equipment are exposed to the most extreme operating conditions, and as a consequence demand a lubricant to meet and exceed their stringent requirements. At the same time, they also operate in a business environment that demands the lowest operating costs – which puts additional pressure on the oil and lubricant industry to provide the right product for the job.

Total’s new Rubia range of engine oils has been designed to meet both of these needs at the same time. “It is able to meet the highest performance levels, as well “extend the life of your equipment and also reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions,” according to Total.

“Total Rubia TIR lubricants are ideal for truck and bus fleets, as well as dealerships. They are approved by all manufacturers and therefore ideal for mixed fleets, with outstanding soot handling and oxidation control and exceptional viscosity stability.

The Total Rubia TIR FE series, meanwhile, was designed with truck and bus fleets in mind and has been approved by all manufacturers. “They are state-of-the-art Fuel Economy engine oils offering remarkable technical performance while reducing wear by limiting friction,” according to Total. “Tested and certified by three leading independent institutes for over 20 million km, they provide certified savings of one litre per 100 km, or approximately $1,000 per year per truck and reductions in CO2 emissions by almost three tonnes a year on average.”

For more information or to locate your nearest distributor visit Total Oil Australia

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