Tony Abbott says some trucks pay too much for rego

Responding to a draft Productivity Commission report about Australia’s public infrastructure, Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, said some trucks pay too much in registration fees.

“Heavy vehicles pay for the infrastructure they use, in some cases more than pay for the infrastructure that they usewith the registration fees that they pay,” Abbott said.

The Australian Trucking Association reacted by urging the Government to increase the industry’s fuel tax credits by 1.04 cents per litre from 1 July 2014.

It also argued that registration charges should then be slashed in the longer term.

The Productivity Commission report recommended that governments should undertake pilot studies of direct road user charging for cars, in addition to the work being done on mass-distance-location pricing for trucks.

However, Mr Abbott rejected the use of GPS based charging for light vehicles. “That certainly is a novel suggestion by Australian standards and it's not something that this Government is considering,” he said.

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