Toll wins service excellence award

Toll Global Logistics has won the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) 3PL service excellence award for best warehouse management, best customer service, and best group contribution across its regional distribution centres in China.

The company’s regional distribution centres in China were recognised as the best supplier by J&J’s customers, consistently offering a first-class delivery service without any complaints.

Toll’s Shanghai distribution centre made major contributions by switching 3PL projects in the Eastern region, working with J&J in developing improved transportation services.

“Managing supply chain for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) can be a complex practice today. We are happy to have Toll’s know-how and their positive efforts and dedication in understanding our business requirements in China, which has helped optimise our J&J warehousing and transportation processes and enhanced delivery service for our customers at our end,” said Felix Zhang, Johnson & Johnson’s Consumer China Supply Chain Director.

Toll Global Logistics President and CEO Wayne Hunt added, “Toll is particularly proud to be recognised by such awards from its customer J&J, a 125 years old global brand, and we will continue to work with J&J to support its commitment to its customers in China.

“These awards are a reflection of our robust capability to handle the FMCG sector for multinational corporations, and are testament to Toll’s commitment in providing unparalleled service in the Asia Pacific region. Local people and local knowledge means we’re able to work more effectively for our customers,” Mr Hunt said.

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods manufacturer.

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