Toll starts work on new gas contract

Toll Energy, which is part of the Toll Group, has begun work on a $45 million transport and storage contract as part of coal seam gas explorer QGC’s major Queensland Curtis Liquefied Natural Gas (QCLNG) project.

QGC is a leading Australian coal seam gas explorer and producer, focused on supplying cleaner hydrocarbon energy to growing domestic and international markets. In 2009, QGC produced approximately 20 per cent of Queensland’s natural gas. QGC also has agreements in place to supply China, Chile and Singapore.

The QCLNG project involves expanding exploration and development in southern and central Queensland and transporting gas through a 540km underground pipeline network to Curtis Island near Gladstone where it will be liquefied.

Toll will provide the transportation and storage of materials required to complete the project’s upstream requirements.

Toll’s Global Resources division, which includes Toll Energy, will utilise its logistics capabilities to provide the transport and storage of equipment needed to support the upstream project, including the transportation of compressors, transformers and pipe in field from Brisbane to central Queensland.

“This project has allowed us to demonstrate to Queensland and beyond the superior logistics solutions Toll has to offer,” said Toll Global Resources CEO, David Jackson. “We are delighted with the opportunity to help deliver this crucial service to such an important project.”

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