Toll orders 40 new FH16 Volvos

Toll triple roadtrain pulled by a Volvo FH16 Globetrotter.

Five new Volvo FH prime movers, the first in an order of approximately 40, have joined Toll’s Resources and Industrials, Minerals, Oil and Gas divisions.

The remaining Volvos are expected to be delivered throughout the year across multiple contracts in the Resources and Industrials division.

Based in Perth, the first five new 650hp rated vehicles will operate between Kalgoorlie, Kambalda, Leinster and Mt Keith amassing an estimated 3000 kilometres per week servicing contracts that support the mining industry in Western Australia.

The Volvo FHs have been assigned triple roadtrains to transport drilling and production equipment including vehicles and spare parts in addition to freight and oversize loads.

Toll National Fleet & Maintenance Manager Mitch Brooke said Volvo had been one of the preferred manufacturers at Toll for some time.

“When selecting a truck, it isn’t all about price but the support from when the truck is first ordered to when the stickers come off the door,” he told Prime Mover.

“After sales support is critical to maintain uptime for the business and Volvo’s network of dealers has been a big part of the decision-making process to procure the FH16 that will be utilised nationally in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.”

Each truck is specified with a Euro 6 turbo dual stage Volvo 16-litre engine delivering up to 3150nm and 480kw.

“The Volvo FH16 product has the perfect balance with all modern safety systems to keep both our drivers and road users as safe as possible but at the same times having the added benefit of reduced emissions from the Volvo Euro 6 16-litre engine while still boasting 650-horsepower,” said Brooke.

“It makes any load we throw at them never a challenge.”

Back in March Toll unveiled the first batch of new Mack Anthems commissioned for work for its Security Sensitive business unit at Tomago.

A new Volvo FH16 prime mover in Western Australia.
Volvo FH16 prime mover.
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