Toll lands Isuzu CNG fleet deal

Australian transport and logistics provider, Toll Group, has increased its efforts in environmental sustainability with the acquisition of Isuzu CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)-powered medium duty trucks.

Toll IPEC's recent order of 42 Isuzu FSR 700 CNG models adds to the company's earlier CNG purchases and brings the total number of Isuzu CNG trucks in Toll's fleet to more than 70.

The latest acquisition is the largest single CNG fleet purchase since the launch of Isuzu's second generation CNG models in 2009.

 CNG-powered vehicles show reductions of around 50 per cent of nitrogen dioxide (NOx), 98 per cent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and emit virtually zero PM (particulate matter) when compared to similarly sized conventional diesel trucks.

Toll IPEC General Manager, Rodney Johnston, said the CNG additions to the fleet would assist in helping reach environmental goals, while helping provide operational efficiencies.
”One of Toll Group's key objectives is to look at ways to manage the environmental impacts within our facilities and operations, and act to reduce our rates of emissions, energy and waste,” he said.

Isuzu Australia's National Fleet Sales Manager, Dean Stuhldreier, said Isuzu had worked closely with Toll Group in recent years and was pleased to be assisting the company in efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

“Toll Group is a company that recognised the potential of CNG as a transport fuel earlier than most,” Stuhldreier said.

”It's always a challenge bringing new technology to the market, and to have interest from a well-regarded and high profile organisation such as Toll Group is very pleasing.
Its acceptance and championing of CNG technology will encourage others to get on board and also reap the benefits.”

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