TNT praises the use of integrated technology at Sydney conference

In a keynote address to the 2013 Field Service Management conference in Sydney this week, Duncan Davies, TNT Express General Manager of Pick Up and Delivery Operations, praised the use of integrated technology that has been pivotal in increasing customer satisfaction for the freight specialist.

According to Davies, TNT Express handles more than 720,000 consignments each week in Australia and that the increase in online shopping had changed the landscape in recent years. In order to meet the linked challenges of profitable efficiency and customer satisfaction TNT Express has been integrating the various technical systems involved such as consignment note scanners, GPS and driver communications.

“They were all separate individual systems and the challenge has been to integrate them,” Davies explained noting the advantages of integrating “push to talk” voice communications into their multi function hand held devices.

“With two way analogue and even digital radios, when the driver was out of vehicle they were out of contact with the office.

“Having the push to talk facility in scanner means they take it with them, so we can be in constant communication.”

Davies also noted that deliveries of products purchased online (“business to consumer or B2C”) have presented a new range of challenges often related to having someone present to receive and sign for the delivery.

“B2C customers don’t want to wait at home, they need a definition of the time of delivery,” he said when explaining the value of having real time delivery status updates. “No one really cares about the consignment that gets delivered on time – it’s the one that’s late that gets your attention.”

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