TNT Express supports NSW’s Get Healthy at Work initiative

TNT Express is adopting healthier work practices for its employers as part of a NSW Government Get Healthy at Work program being trialed at the global trucking company Enfield depot.

The initiative of NSW Health and WorkCover NSW aims to prevent lifestyle-related chronic disease in workers by changing their eating practices, weight, smoking habits and alcohol consumption.

TNT Express is among 16 companies including Woolworths, James Hardie, Nestle and Australian Financial Services, which have joined a pilot of the program in the last year.

Since joining the Get Healthy at Work pilot, TNT Express Enfield has overhauled its canteen menu boards to offer healthier options, placed an informative ‘Traffic Light’ sticker in each truck to remind drivers of healthy eating choices, partnered with local associations, gyms and health insurers to offer better deals for employees and created a smoke-free workplace.

“Feedback from staff indicates they are healthier, they tend to be happier and more are making informed food and lifestyle choices,” said Noel Springall of TNT Express. “The minute you start to take a genuine and sincere interest in your people, in turn they also take a more sincere interest and investment in the company.”

According to Assistant Health Minister Jai Rowell, in 2012, around half the adult population (49.7 per cent) in NSW were overweight or obese.

“Get Healthy at Work will initially focus on industries such as construction, manufacturing, transport and storage and agriculture, forestry and fisheries, whose staff display the highest prevalence of lifestyle-related chronic disease,” said Rowell.

NSW Health expects up to 15,000 workplaces will participate in the $12 million, two- year program, potentially reaching 400,000 workers.

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