Three speed cameras to be removed in NSW

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay has announced that speed cameras will be removed from two locations across the state following the inaugural NSW Speed Camera Performance Review.

As a result of the review, Transport for NSW identified five camera locations for further investigation and also reviewed speed cameras on Cowpasture Road in Sydney’s south-west following representations from the NRMA.

“We have said repeatedly that speed cameras will be used only where there is a proven road safety benefit,” Gay said.

“The inaugural NSW Speed Camera Performance Review found that fixed speed cameras throughout NSW reduced fatalities at their locations by a massive 87 per cent, but there were a handful of cameras where further investigations were necessary,” he said.

“Those investigations found that the two cameras on Cowpasture Road at Green Valley and New England Highway at Kootingal were not providing a road safety benefit, so we will pull them out.”

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