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AI-powered systems enable operators to automate higher-level, time-consuming tasks plus predict future problems like mechanical failures and fatigue incidents.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly powering technology within the transport and logistics industries, helping to unlock a huge competitive advantage and future-proofing operations.

Piqued your interest? Discover the integral role AI-powered telematics play in the trucking industry at Teletrac Navman’s stand at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show — the epicentre of industry innovation at the Southern Hemisphere’s largest showcase of trucks, trailers, components, equipment, and tech.

Here visitors can discover how Teletrac Navman’s cutting-edge, connected technology can keep businesses moving smoothly and increase profitability, providing the actionable insights they need to cut unnecessary costs and improve service.

One area AI is having a major impact is on the road network.

Transport operators, government agencies, and industry bodies across Australia have realised the benefits of AI tech, leveraging data insights from Teletrac Navman’s Smart On-Board Mass (Smart OBM) and Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) to assess heavy vehicle access to the state road network, creating safer and more efficient roads for all.

With Smart OBM and TMA, operators can move more with less by running trucks at higher mass and using larger vehicle combinations.

Through better road access, more revenue can be generated by saving on fuel, improved driver hours, reduced equipment wear and tear, and most importantly, having the ability to take on more jobs.

Less trips can be completed for the same amount of work, freeing up time, eventually, for more loads to be completed. All this means improved truck movements, reduced CO2 emissions, less maintenance, more profit, and increased safety across the board.

Traditional telematics systems rely mostly on GPS and motion sensors as they collect a narrow set of data points, based on location, diagnostics, and routing.

These systems produce important but limited feedback, mostly in the format of tables of data that can be difficult to decipher or understand.

In comparison, with an AI-powered system like TN360 or its Smart Dashcam solution, operators can automate higher-level, time-consuming tasks plus predict future problems like mechanical failures and fatigue incidents, but also displays information in visual formats that can be molded into what matters the most to a team or business.

The scalable cloud ecosystem that connects data from sensors, cameras, and mobile and third-party applications in real-time, along with artificial intelligence, makes this possible.

The ability to capture, connect, and process robust amounts of data with immediacy has transformed telematics saving time and increasing efficiency.

Teletrac Navman’s TN360 highlights efficiency opportunities in areas like route planning, logistic workflows, maintenance, driver behaviour, compliance, and fuel management.

Users can quickly receive business intelligence metrics simply by asking a question of TN360’s smart AI engine with voice-command technology, eliminating the challenge of wading through traditional data analytics to find the right information.

Andrew Rossington, Chief Product Officer, says the Teletrac Navman technology is robust enough to support an entire business.

“Our technology supports all roles in your business — whether you’re a driver or admin staff, right through to maintenance, safety managers and directors,” he says. “Designed to integrate seamlessly with your processes, our solutions can improve efficiency across your entire operation from day one.”

With the support of its AI-powered tech, operators can digitise and automate manual tasks to save time, ensure compliance, and improve communication and safety. Instead of relying on time-consuming, paper-based reporting, they will have access to real-time, intelligent insights gathered from digital reports and live vehicle data.

“This supports you to make informed decisions and streamlines your day-to-day,” says Andrew. “As a result, you’ll be free to focus on the important tasks in your role and can keep the business running smoothly, maximising productivity, and improving ROI.”

There’s also good news for those who work outside of the transport industry. Intelligent telematics isn’t just for transport — it’s beneficial for any business with heavy vehicles. Increasingly, construction companies, according to Andrew, are taking advantage of tech to improve site management, particularly in large infrastructure projects with so many moving parts.

“Using telematics, you can maintain visibility of vehicles entering and leaving your site,” he explains. “For traffic management on large complex jobsites, companies are increasingly using GPS telematics integrated with portal software to obtain visibility across inbound and outbound trucks.”

Via a single system, fleet and operations managers can track when a truck is arriving on site, provide the necessary site inductions, and ensure drivers have had the required rest breaks.

By adding weigh-scale integration, they’ll also know what the truck is carrying at any given time to maximise payload.

Geofencing sites also helps. When a truck pulls up, the driver will receive an automated message telling them which gate to use and where to offload.

At the same time, the crane driver is alerted and can be ready to unload as soon as the truck arrives, drastically improving efficiency.

“In terms of budgeting and increasing profitability, you can look at a whole project and its materials to see what requires chasing up or where you need to alter quantities,” says Andrew. “This is critical to ensure you aren’t going over budget and helps you improve the accuracy of future quotes.”

Telematics, ultimately, isn’t just about the here and now, it’s a forward-thinking approach that can help businesses thrive and grow in the weeks, months, and years to come. Are you ready to future-proof your business with intelligent telematics?

Meet some of Teletrac Navman’s industry experts at the Brisbane Truck Show – Stand 104, Hall 4.

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