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Eurocold has teamed up with Fuso for flexible rentals of Shogun refrigerated trucks.

Eurocold offers a range of long-term refrigerated truck rentals that give customers the flexibility to grow their business.

The Brisbane-based company has more than 30 years of research and development experience in the refrigerated transport business and builds the best refrigerated solutions for sale or long-term rental.

More recently, Eurocold teamed up with Fuso to offer the ultimate Fuso Shogun refrigerated delivery truck along with a comprehensive support package for rental periods of one year or longer.

Flexibility is built-in and customers can change their requirements after 12 months, with just three-months notice.

The Fuso Shogun is a new heavy-duty truck packed full of Daimler Truck technology, including advanced 8-litre and 11-litre engines, fully automated transmissions and a full-suite of active safety features designed to keep drivers safe.

The Eurocold Shogun is available with a premium Eurocold refrigerated body that can be customised to suit every customer with options of tailgates, divider walls and roller doors.

It is available in 12- or 14-pallet specification, with customers able to choose from single-steer and twin-steer models.

The Eurocold refrigerated truck rental package is comprehensive, allowing customers to get on with the job. This includes truck servicing, carried out by qualified Daimler Truck technicians using genuine parts, and fridge servicing, as well as windscreen and tyre replacements.

Customers can rest assured knowing they have 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support and Vision Trak truck and fridge monitoring with a unique customer login.

The Eurocold Shogun package also includes high quality signwriting to ensure the truck looks like a customer truck. Eurocold is the exclusive distributor of ISOKIT Isothermal Solutions temperature controlled premium bodies and only uses premium

Carrier fridge technology. It offers a full range of refrigerated transport vehicles including everything from utes and small trucks through to the large 14-pallet models such as the Fuso Shogun unit.

Family-owned ISOKIT was established in Italy in 1992 and is known for its durable refrigerated bodies that are 18 per cent lighter than its nearest competitor in Australia, freeing up around 300kg of additional payload.

Eurocold units boast the best K factor number, meaning the units require the least amount of energy to drop the temperature inside the unit. It is another way of measuring the thermal efficiency of the combination.

Eurocold Chief Executive Officer, Avraam Solomon, says the company is committed to offering its customers the best refrigerated trucks available.

“Eurocold works with the best suppliers to ensure our customers have access to the highest quality refrigerated transport solutions,” he says. “Using Fuso, Carrier and ISOKIT means we have the best supplier from each field and our customers benefit.”

The Shogun, as Avraam sees it, is an excellent model for use as a Eurocold refrigerated truck.

Eurocold’s ISOKIT body interior.

“The Shogun is perfect for this application thanks to its full suite of active safety features, its proven reliability and the advanced engine and transmission packages,” he says. “Customers really do appreciate the strong performance of the Shogun.”

The competitive price to purchase and run the Shogun models is also a key selling point as it allows Eurocold to pass on the savings to its customers.

Solomon says the Eurocold solution is not the cheapest, but customers want a high-quality refrigerated truck that is reliable so they can get on with doing business.

“Our high-quality trucks and flexible rental arrangements mean that our customers don’t need to worry about the truck and can instead focus on serving their customers and growing their business,” he says.

The flexibility of the Eurocold rental business also endears it to customers.

“If you go and get a chattel mortgage for five years from a bank, you can’t ask to change it if your business conditions change after a year or so,” Avraam says. “But demand can change. Customers might need smaller trucks or larger trucks, more or less trucks, depending on market conditions and our flexible rental solutions allows for that. Our customers appreciate it.”

The Eurocold Shogun models use advanced Daimler Truck six-cylinder engines.

The single steer Shogun uses an 8-litre unit, while the twin-steer unit uses an 11-litre engine.

Both engines deliver torque from very low down in the rev range for optimal drivability.

Meanwhile, the Shogun meets strict Euro 6 emissions standards, ahead of the current Euro 5 standard enforced in Australia.

The two-pedal fully automated 12-speed transmission delivers fast and smooth shifts and is very easy to use. It features a powerful three-stage engine brake.

The Eurocold Shogun models are supported through the Daimler Truck Australian dealership network across Australia.

“Having the Daimler Truck network supporting these units is a massive plus and means our customers will be looked after wherever they are operating,” Avraam says.

Safety is also a high priority at Fuso and each Shogun includes Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and Active Sideguard Assist (ASA).

ASA uses radar to detect a vehicle, cyclist, pedestrian or any physical obstruction on the passenger side blind spot.

When the truck is turning left or moving into a lane to the left it issues a warning. In addition to the warning, it can now also initiate braking in order to avoid or mitigate a collision or impact at speeds of up to 15km/h.

The latest generation AEBS uses camera and radar camera technology to provide enhanced pedestrian sensing capability, making it able to completely stop for a moving pedestrian in the event the driver does not respond to an audible warning. Adaptive cruise control, which automatically keeps a set distance to the vehicles in front makes life easier for the driver, especially in stop/start traffic.

A Hill Start System (HSS) assistance function takes some stress out of the drive, along with Intelligent Headlight Control, which automatically turns on and off the truck’s highbeam function in response to traffic and is standard. Daytime LED running lamps, positioned below the main headlight assembly are also standard.

The ergonomic Shogun interior features a push button start button and a 7-inch high-resolution touch-screen centre display with easy to reach controls.

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