The logical choice

Truck driving has been good to Peter Cook. It’s kept him on the move for most of his career, living in Victoria. He has driven semi-trailers, rigid trucks and lugged various trailer combinations since 1990, when he was awarded his heavy combination licence.

These days Peter likes to work closer to home, as he also runs a gardening business. Logical Staffing Solutions provides him with the hours he needs, which suits the flexibility his average work week requires. His path to Logical involved a combination of events including timely word-of-mouth and a recommendation from a neighbour. His exemplary resume hurt none.

“It was pretty much an immediate start,” Peter says. “There wasn’t any unnecessary red tape. I’ve got a track record that speaks for itself. I don’t mean to pat myself on the back but I’ve never had any issues and Logical saw that. They made the process  easy.”

Peter knows his way around Melbourne. Having started out as a mail carrier, he graduated to bigger vehicles over the years and holds licences for car, motor bike and forklift. He also has several driving certificates including one for driver fatigue management and he has completed courses for safety and defensive driving. In the past he often worked night shift and interstate hauls. After some time away from the industry he had an initial hesitation upon returning as he thought there might be an expectation for him to perform the type of long haul duties he had in the past. The team at Logical, he recalls, quickly put him at ease.

“They said that they were happy to keep me local. If I wanted to drive interstate they could handle it. If I wanted to work six days a week they were happy to sort that out too,” Peter says. “I outlined that I was after only a couple of days and they said ‘no worries, we just work it week-by-week.’ In that way it’s ideal. They have helped so that everything slots in for me.”

In his experience, Peter says Logical excel at providing driver accommodations. Some companies, he says, insist that the drivers need to work 70 hours a week. 

“I felt really awkward at first saying I can only drive two days a week,” he says. “But they were unfazed. They said no problem. It works with Logical. There aren’t any hassles. They’re able to find me a gig on any day of the week.”

On his current job Peter pilots a Mercedes semi-trailer with an adjustable skel for carting steel beams. Today he might be destined for Gisborne. Tomorrow he is sent out to Lilydale or Sunshine.

“I don’t mind the variety. I get paid to drive and that’s a real privilege.

“Generally speaking, I love the responsibility and the feeling of being inside the truck. There’s something to be said about that. I’m very grateful for how the guys at Logical have looked after me.”

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