The case for Trucksafe

The Australian Trucking Association has released a new marketing tool for its Trucksafe program, the trucking industry’s business and risk management scheme. The new release outlines the benefits of being in the program and business outcomes that can be achieved by participating in the scheme.

The case for Trucksafe outlines seven facts that the ATA feels demonstrates the value of the program to operators. It points to the fact that Trucksafe operators have half the crash rate of non-accredited vehicles. The model has also proven itself in other industries overseas and helps operators meet their chain of responsibility obligations.

There are also models within Trucksafe which enable operators to meet requirements of other schemes in the industry. The scheme can reduce the number of audits needed to manage multiple accreditations.

The case also talks about the new Trucksafe Manager software solution now used by members of the scheme; and points out the function of Trucksafe as a way of focusing an organisation on safety issues.

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