The all-new Coronado 114 on the road

The Coronado 114 is finally on our roads and creating interest in the trucking industry. Prime Mover's technical writer, Tim Giles, has taken one for a spin in Victoria.

Pulling a B-double, for a trip out of Melbourne along the Western Highway and running at close to GCM, it gave us a chance to see what a normal day's work may be like in the new truck, working in a modern fleet.

When first walking up to the truck, it definitely looks like an Australian truck. It has the short punchy bonnet favoured by all of its conventional rivals in the market. The look is still clearly Freightliner but with plenty of cues telling us it is an Aussie.

The Detroit DD 15 fitted into the truck is rated at 560 hp (418 kW), as it should be for B-double work. There is a responsiveness from the engine with torque and power on tap, as and when required. Maximum power arrives at 1800 rpm but 500 hp is available down at 1400 rpm so the kind of flexibility needed is there.

Torque will max out, at 1200 rpm, at 1850 ft lb (2510 Nm) but hangs on to be still 1635 ft lb (2217 Nm) as it gets close to maximum power at 1800. These figures suggest this engine has the characteristics of many modern engines, to keep revs low and change at points much lower than were used in the past.

From the point of view of the driver's seat the visibility is excellent. The shorter sloping bonnet minimises the blind spot in front of the vehicle to the nearside. Well-placed mirrors do a good job, alongside a down facing passenger door mirror. The seat is placed well forward inside the cabin to get the best visibility outcome.

See the full story of the road test in the next edition of Prime Mover Magazine.


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