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GPS tracking has become an indispensable management tool in today’s commercial road transport industry, but the wealth of systems currently available can be somewhat confusing. Integrity Business Solutions is now bringing transparency to the market.

After working more than a decade in the vehicle telematics industry, holding varied management roles across marketing, business development, IAP consulting and strategic account management, Debbie realised there was a need in the Australian transport market for an authentic consulting service that would take the guesswork out of the equation when deciding on a modern GPS system. Integrity Business Solutions was born.

As someone who has actively helped shape the technology available today, Debbie knew that a one-size-fits-all solution would not be sufficient for a vast and versatile market like Australia, so she took the risk and started one of the first independent GPS consulting agencies in the country.

After all, she was convinced that if a company’s core business is predominantly field-based and ‘out on the road’, there is almost no avoiding a high-tech tracking solution. However, there’s a lot that can go wrong when choosing one.

“It’s an extremely confusing and time consuming process, especially when you don’t know the right questions to ask,” she says. “The abundance of information has made it very complex, and you don’t want to sign a long-term contract before you are 100 per cent sure you’ve found the right solution for your investment.”

That’s where Integrity Business Solutions comes into play: Debbie and the team try to eliminate the stress of comparing the multitude of systems available by offering a true one-stop-shop solution.

“First, we will help you create a realistic wish list to ensure you get exactly what you need for your line of business,” she says, pointing out that GPS tracking cannot only help a company locate mobile assets on a map, but also improve customer service, streamline internal communication and processes, OH&S and compliance. “At the end of the day, we are talking about improving profitability, maximising performance and reducing costs through greater fleet utilisation,” she says. “Not to mention load security and accurate billing. As you see, there is a whole range of things you need to consider before you sign anything.

“At Integrity Business Solutions, we know exactly how confusing the market can be, that’s why we maintain that big picture view for you, considering every detail all the way down to the logistics software you already use, contract length, warranty and after-sales service offering.

“Then we evaluate what’s on the market and recommend a solution based on our experience,” she adds, revealing that she would only endorse a system she would also use herself.

The most recent technology Debbie has added to the mix is Wi-Fi supported camera surveillance to ensure safety on the road and the security of both staff and freight. According to Debbie, modern systems are able to automatically transfer pre-recorded footage to a centralised server back at the office, so resource time is not taken up by manual download. And, you also have the ability to access live footage if required. “We are extremely excited to now include state-of-the-art Wi-Fi vehicle camera solutions which I believe to be the natural next step up with GPS vehicle telematics,” she says. “The new technology cannot only serve as proof of innocence in case of an incident, but also improve safe driving and reduce insurance claims. Add load security to that and you can begin to manage your costs immediately.”

At the moment, Debbie is working closely with Greg Dyer, Director of Dyers Gippsland Transport, to achieve just that outcome. “Debbie is assisting us with sourcing camera solutions for our fleet, and we already have a first trial in place which we are evaluating with her assistance. We are very happy with the service and assistance we have received from Integrity Business Solutions,” he says.

Integrity Business Solutions is also working with renowned companies Membrey's Transport & Crane Hire, Dandenong Heavy Haulage and CTR Trucks. Craig Membrey, Managing Director of Membrey's Transport & Crane Hire: “We consider Debbie the most knowledgeable resource when it comes to selecting a GPS system that works for us. She’ll break down the pros and cons of each system, whether it’s a cost effective solution for our fleet and ultimately, if the system will reap us financial gain over the long term.” 

Tony Quattrochi, System Administrator at Dandenong Heavy Haulage, added: “Debbie has become our ‘safety net’ so to speak. If we get a company trying to sell us a particular tracking system or mobility package, we’ll immediately notify her and she’ll do extensive research on that business and give us a full scale insight into their personality, products, strategies and market trends.”

Image: Debbie Mulelly and Craig Membrey

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