Technical & Maintenance Conference program announced

The Technical & Maintenance Conference (TMC) in Sydney in October is the most important event on road freight transport maintenance and innovation in Australia.

The program will deliver key insights into the continued productive operation of fleets. TMC will give you fresh ideas.

Top 20 Safety Innovations rated by you
We ask the audience to list what they think are the big technology pay-offs.

Managing data for your fleet’s performance
If your trucks have GPS fitted, what can the workshop manager get out of it.

The key to better braking, better control, better tyre life
We know that savings are there to be made from correct tyre pressures. But varying load weights mean that tyre pressures aren't constant.

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Fuel handling and your engines
It leaves the refinery in the best possible condition, but what happens in the depot can seriously affect the life of your engines.

Truck and trailer manufacturers question and answer session
A popular session at past TMC's. An opportunity for you to pose questions and get answers on truck and trailer technical issues.

Maintenance 101: scheduling and cost tracking systems
Uniformity in workshop costing codes and tracking of faults makes it easier for everyone.

Ready for new national OH&S legislation?
New legislation has ramifications for the way we maintain equipment and the records we keep.

Truck & Trailer diagnostics
A practical session on downloading and interrogating data from TBS and engine management systems.

The truth about wind
A workshop on the theory, major applications, case studies and results from applying aerodynamic devices to heavy vehicles.

Technical Advisory Procedures
What are they and how can they help your workshop?

What you need to know about using alternative fuels
LNG update

Managing waste and recycling
There are severe penalties for disposing of waste irresponsibly or failing to meet regulatory requirements.

Auto transmissions and diagnostic needs
Can I fix it or does it have to go to the dealer?

What happened in the coroner's court
The potentially devastating effects of failing in duty of care in the workshop

Early Bird discounts are available until 24 August.

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