Technical conference to discuss big issues

The 2016 PACCAR & Dealer TMC will again bring the technical and maintenance community together to share ideas and learn new skills at the Automotive Centre of Excellence at Docklands, Melbourne from 24 – 26 October 2016. TMC is brought to you by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and the Australian Road Transport Suppliers’ Association (ARTSA).

This year’s conference is set to be our biggest TMC event to date, with support from all areas of the industry coming in.

We are fortunate to have the Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan, opening the conference.

The program will include sessions on regulation, nuts-and-bolts technical issues, developments in health and safety, and a forward-looking stream focused on new regulations on the industry, and technologies coming into the fleet.

A significant focus of this year’s TMC will be on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and its agenda for the short to medium term. The regulator will be involved in multiple conference sessions and will discuss the nuts and bolts issues of technical up keep, on the road enforcement and the operation of the heavy vehicle inspection unit.

This will include a detailed session reviewing the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual (NHVIM), which came into force on 1 July 2016 in most states and territories. The session has the aim of producing an actionable list for field advice and to provide feedback to the NHVR on areas that are in need of review.

The inspectors and operators sessions are always an interesting experience, where both sides are brought together to discuss key issues regarding faults and trends found on the roadside. The information sharing that occurs during this session is absolutely essential to achieving improved road safety outcomes.

Key safety issues and initiatives will be discussed in additional sessions including coupling maintenance and safety, fatigue, heavy vehicle maintenance, tyres and wheel-offs, electrics and achieving better braking performance with combination vehicles – just to name a few.

This issue of brake compatibility in combination heavy vehicles is being brought to the forefront with the development of the Guide to Braking and Stability Performance for Heavy Vehicle Combinations. The guide rates the performance of light braking, heavy braking and roll stability operational conditions on different levels of braking technology, and emphasises the importance of having a combination with compatible braking systems.

Although many of the technical issues around brake compatibility are little understood, its involvement in crashes is becoming more evident. The development of best practice guides, such as the Guide to Braking and Stability Performance for Heavy Vehicle Combinations, are essential for the industry and to improve the safety of our roads for all users.

This year’s conference will again have plenary, technical and workshop sessions to target all levels of trucking business employees. To get the most out of your business and the conference, ensure you send along employees to sit in on all relevant sessions.

We have developed a more accessible program this year, with distinct program pathways for those interested in particular content areas, although the program is of course left open for delegates to jump between streams if they wish.

TMC 2016 will also include the PACCAR Parts TMC Funhouse, the TMC industry supplier Marketplace and the Castrol Vecton Awards dinner, which will celebrate excellence in the trucking industry’s workshops with the presentation of the 2016 Craig Roseneder Award and the Castrol Vecton Industry Achievement Award.

Registrations for the Technical and Maintenance Conference can be made via the Trucking Australia website.

*This column was written by ATA Chair, Noelene Watson.

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