TCDE adds to demolition fleet

An Actros 2653 works near the river at Murwillumbah.

An Actros 2653 is the latest prime mover to be introduced into operations for demolition outfit TCDE Asbestos and Demolition (TCDE).

Headed up by Tye Ruddy and his wife Melony, TCDE is a family business operating out of Murwillumbah, Northern New South Wales.

Its fleet of modern trucks are distinguished by having the latest safety features and lowest possible emission ratings.

The vehicles are sourced through local dealership, Daimler Trucks Murwillumbah.

Buying new trucks with the cleanest engines available, according to Ruddy, is a key part of TCDE’s purchasing decisions.

“Our motto is minimising our impact on the environment,” he said.

“We’re doing all that we can on site and recycling absolutely everything we can, so operating the most efficient trucks with the cleanest engines is important.

“Driving banged up old gear that leaks and pumps out lots of pollution is not a good look, especially when environmental impacts are at the core of the work.”

TCDE didn’t always have the latest and greatest gear.

It started off with a single second-hand Toyota Dyna and often bought used trucks until the team decided to purchase some new Fuso Canters from Daimler Trucks Murwillumbah.

Then came a new Freightliner CST and a Coronado, a Fuso Shogun and finally, the new Actros 2653.

TCDE has also switched to all-new site equipment.

A new job was the catalyst to opt for new trucks and gear according to Ruddy.

“We had an old truck that would breakdown and it was really hurting us,” he said.

“We had always been told that buying new was a waste of money, but we backed ourselves in and decided to go with new gear and we haven’t looked back.”

That included wanting to do some bigger projects, including tenders from local government.

“You can’t just call in and tell them you won’t be able to make it because your truck broke down again,” added Ruddy.

TCDE had purchased a used Fuso Canter from Daimler Trucks Murwillumbah largely because it was the local dealer, and came back when it was time to upgrade to new vehicles.

“We are based in Murwillumbah, so to have guys like Josh and the team so close is just brilliant, not just getting the truck in the first place, but servicing it,” said Ruddy.

“They will go out of their way to make sure they can be flexible and service it when we get a moment because they know how important it is that we are working when we can.”

The Actros is towing a semi tipper trailer most of the time, taking demolished materials from various sites.

It also gets hooked up to a low-loader trailer so it can move excavators and other equipment. The Mercedes-Benz, with its 530hp 13-litre engine and the 12-speed AMT, is well equipped to handle any load.

“We couldn’t be happier with the Actros, it’s such an easy to drive truck and the fuel economy is really great” said Ruddy.

“We aren’t running linehaul here but we still use fuel, so it still counts.”

Mercedes-Benz Trucks provides product training for all new Actros customers and TCDE drivers appreciated being shown how to get the most out of the most advanced truck in the fleet.

The instructor also went through all the benefits of the various safety systems.

Safety is critical in the field TCDE operates in said Ruddy.

“Safety is key and integral to our business and we need our equipment to have best-in-class safety features whether it be an excavator or a truck,” he said.

Murwillumbah and the Northern Rivers continues to recover from a devastating flood in 2022. Many buildings have needed to be rebuilt. The TCDE fleet, as a result, has been hard at work.

The flood, the second to inundate the region in the last few years, nearly wiped out all of the TCDE trucks and the team was only just able to evacuate most of it before its yard was overwhelmed by flood waters.

Having narrowly managed to save most of its gear, the TCDE team were then able start work straight away on the massive amount of recovery work that followed.

“We know how devastating the floods have been to so many people in the region. There are still people in caravans waiting for their houses to be fixed or replaced, which is terrible so long afterwards,” said Ruddy.

The new Actros 2653 works out of Murwillumbah, the site of devastating floods in 2022.
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