TCA to lead enhancements to the IAP

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) will lead work on developing a package of enhancements to the Intelligent Access Program (IAP), following Friday's Transport and Infrastructure Council (TIC) meeting.

As an application of the National Telematics Framework – the government-approved digital business platform for telematics and related intelligent technologies – the IAP enables road access and heavy vehicle productivity and safety reforms to be offered by road managers and regulators.

Over 4,600 unique vehicles are currently enrolled in the IAP, with a net average of 55 additional vehicles (over the last year) joining the IAP application each month, to operate under one or more road access schemes offered by road managers across the country.

“Since becoming operational and available, the IAP (and the National Telematics Framework) has continued to be responsive to the needs of stakeholders, by focussing on performance outcomes and meeting the consumer demand for new and innovative technologies,” said TCA Chief Executive, Chris Koniditsiotis.

“The IAP application has enabled road managers to offer significant productivity reforms while offering transport operators competition and choice through an open technology market.

“Through our operational administration of the National Telematics Framework, TCA has ongoing engagement with government, regulators, the telematics sector and the transport sector – to ensure the Framework (and each application) continues to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

“Through these interactions, a number of significant enhancements have been identified which can improve the value, efficiency and affordability of the IAP.

“We are pleased, therefore, that the National Transport Commission (NTC) has included – in one of its six recommendations from the Review of Regulatory Telematics – a recommendation dedicated to making enhancements to the IAP.

“We have also identified areas where transport operators may not be realising the full extent of benefits that come from the IAP being part of the National Telematics Framework.

“For example, many transport operators have been led to believe they need one device to participate in the IAP, and another device for other telematics functions – when in fact the National Telematics Framework has been designed specifically to allow the co-existence of applications through a single device and service.

“Yet the road transport industry has led the way, with 40,000 heavy vehicles across the country already fitted with a TCA-recognised device. Applications available through the National Telematics Framework (including the IAP) can simply be activated through these devices,” he said.

TCA is now engaging with stakeholders to inform the development of a work program to enhance the IAP application, to present a business case with changes, enhancements and improvements to TIC by November 2018.

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