TAS Police issue load security warning

Police in Tasmania are reminding all motorists to never hit the roads with an unsecured load, after a close call on the state’s Midland Highway earlier today.

A couple from New South Wales were travelling south on the highway near Perth, when their windscreen was pierced by a large piece of timber.

“It seems that as the driver began overtaking the log truck, an unsecured piece of timber has come off the truck and ended up lodged in the front windscreen of the car,” said Sergeant Terry Reaney.

“Both of the people in the car were lucky not to be injured in the incident,” he said.

“The outcome could have been completely different, particularly if the timber had struck the driver.

“Police would like to remind all drivers that driving with an unsecured load is not only an offence, but it can lead to death or serious injury to other road users.

“For the safety of all road users – when you’re carrying a load on your vehicle, ensure it’s secured – this includes trucks, utes, trailers, and roof racks.”

“Please do the right thing and help keep everyone safe on our roads.”

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