Quiet Achiever

David Muir has worked as a chemical tanker driver for Formula Chemicals in Sydney for the past four years and is acknowledged by the industry as a worthy recipient of the prestigious award which is sponsored by Teletrac Navman.
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Cheap Tricks

After wages, fuel is the second biggest direct expense for transport companies, accounting for around a third of all business costs.
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Cool Under Pressure

There’s no getting around the fact that there have been supply chain stresses in recent months. And that these have put pressure on the transport industry and in particular, drivers.
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Dash Landing

What happens when one of your drivers is involved in a collision? He swears the other vehicle swerved in front of him, but the other driver blames him, and there are no independent witnesses. Read More

Settling Scores

Driver safety remains one of the biggest challenges across Australia’s transport and logistics industry.
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Safety in Numbers

It’s not common knowledge that nearly one third of all workplace fatalities in New South Wales are the result of road crashes. For transport operators, ensuring the safety of a workforce can be challenging at best.
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