Diary Entry

Hubfleet Founder James Doherty is a civil engineer by trade, having spent much of his career developing software for the engineering industry.
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Cool Under Pressure

There’s no getting around the fact that there have been supply chain stresses in recent months. And that these have put pressure on the transport industry and in particular, drivers.
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Pressing Home the Advantage

It is true to say that the take up of EWD has not been as rapid as both the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and the technology providers had originally anticipated.
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Network Effects

The widespread uptake of electronic work diaries (EWD) in the Australian commercial road transport industry may become an emerging digital transport phenomenon in 2022.
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Papers in the Wind

Fleet managers, operators and those working in roles across Australia’s transport industry, according to Teletrac Navman Chief Product Officer, Andrew Rossington, know all too well the time-consuming burden of wading through stacks of paper documents and workbooks.
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Into the Breach

The shift to the electronic work diary (EWD) in Australian commercial road transport is a seismic event for an industry that is hungry for the safest solutions for drivers, precious cargo and other road-users.
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Teletrac Navman on EWD advocacy

Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs) are now officially and legally providing the trucking industry with an alternative to Paper Work Diaries (PWDs) as of 1 December 2020. Read More