TAC presents new generation safety truck

The Transport Accident Commission’s (TAC) has presented a ‘mobile education centre’ to deliver the road safety messages to young people at high-risk events, such as music festivals and street parties.

Nicknamed ‘Vanessa’, the bright orange truck is based on an Isuzu FTR 900 cab chassis and was created by advertising agency Lifelounge. Vanessa’s key message is ‘your mate’s life is in your hands’.

According to Road Safety Manager, Samantha Cockfield, the Isuzu FTR 900 model is well suited to accommodate the high safety standards required by the TAC.

“When looking for a new truck for the Vanessa program, we had to ensure it reflected the road safety messages we are delivering,” Samantha said. “We changed the back bench seat to individual seats with separate restraints.

“For added safety, we also installed a GPS tracking system that provides advice to the driver about speed limits, bridge heights and other safety issues.”

In conjunction with providing awareness about road safety, Vanessa also houses breathalyzer machines, so festivalgoers can test their blood alcohol content for free before they drive home. Furthermore, Vanessa also offers a ‘chill out’ space for those who want to take some time out from the event.

When on board, visitors can help themselves to a free photo both, watch the TAC’s ‘Make a film, make a difference’ films and music videos, play retro video games, or just relax on couches and have a break from the festival.

In order to appeal to the young adult demographic, Vanessa was conceived as a separate subsidiary brand of the TAC, without using the more corporate look and feel of the TAC.

The Isuzu FTR 900’s body was specially designed to meet the requirements of the Vanessa program and includes a hydraulic roof that turns the truck into a two story, five-metre high viewing platform that festival goers can view the whole festival from.

The raised platform also has couches and a games console so festivalgoers can relax but still see the stage without missing out on any of their favorite bands.

‘The truck body was built from the ground up in over 10 months and was project managed by event production experts, the District Agency. A long wheelbase was added and an additional ‘lazy axle’ installed to accommodate the weight of the 12.5-metre long body.

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