Supporting industry

The team at Prime Mover has one continual objective and that is to promote and support Australia’s trucking industry where possible, and we have gained a reputation for our actions.

We have never blown our own trumpet, rather we do what comes naturally with the sincere aim to make a contribution where we can in whatever way possible, and that has certainly gained us some accolades, so much so that many in the industry have commented we should tell people how we differ from others in the truck magazine publishing business.

Instead we simply continue to attend the most important events for trucking and do one simple thing – talk to operators. We know that networking is an important part of our activities, but we do more than that. The team at Prime Mover actually makes a point of visiting operators at their facilities. This is often done on a casual ‘drop in’ basis that allows us to talk to directly to operators and discuss business, the state of the industry and learn more about the highly innovative things they do to make our Australian industry so very different from the rest of the world.

Supporting industry associations is another area where we do as much as possible to get the very important transport message across to the public. Our magazine allocates space in every issue to associations to keep those in transport – and not just members of individual associations – informed of important work undertaken. We do not charge for this, although some say we should, but we are all about giving back to the industry we support and serve. If you put a dollar value on this over a 12-month period, it would certainly make for a substantial amount, but our approach is all about delivering added value for our readers and the trucking community.
We also give a high level of support to charity functions conducted by industry. It is common for Prime Creative Media and Prime Mover to attend fundraisers with industry people as our guests at reserved tables, again giving to our Australian road transport community and assisting needy and worthwhile causes.

The point I am making is we are more than a trucking publication with the intention of taking from industry and giving little back. We are very proud that we are leaders in this regard; and while a few do make a contribution too, unfortunately they are in the minority and certainly do not have the same passion for industry support.
Trucking in Australia is our industry and we work hard to be an active part of it. We have the people and the experience to have earned the acknowledgement we receive from industry, and it is nice to know our actions have not gone unnoticed. The industry continually thanks us for our support and we thank those who support us.
As I said, we never comment on what we do. Rather, we are happy to go about business in the usual manner and let you make up your own mind. Our commitment to this great industry will continue to be unwavering.


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