Super turbo for super truck

As part of the Super Truck project currently under way in the US to find a super efficient future truck, Cummins has signed a deal with Vandyne to develop a new super turbocharger for use on the Cummins development project.

“Exploration of the Vandyne technology is an exciting complement to come into our technology portfolio to provide greater vehicle fuel economy and improved drivability,” said John Stanton, Principal Investigator for Cummins Super Truck program. “Our collaboration with Vandyne exemplifies Cummins commitment to provide innovative engine technologies to meet fuel efficiency demands of the trucking industry.”

The new super turbocharger combines a turbo with its own transmission to return some of the energy wasted in the exhaust stream to the driveline. The super turbocharger also has the low-end torque of a supercharger which is combined with the efficiency gains of the turbo compounding.

“Our technology allows manufacturers of internal combustion engines to meet their carbon dioxide reduction targets without changing that much in their vehicles,” said Ed Vandyne, founder and CEO of Vandyne Super Turbo. “We also have the ability to support future engine platforms in hybrids to further improve total vehicle energy efficiency.”

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