Strong sales continue

September finished off another strong quarter for Australian truck sales according to the latest statistics released by the Truck Industry Council (TIC).

Truck sales during the month totalled 2,817, with heavy vans contributing 487. Compared to September last year, an additional 349 trucks were sold in September 2017, which represents a 14.1 per cent growth, while the extra 92 vans equates to a 23.3 per cent rise.

The year to date total of 21,946 trucks is 2,029 more than for the first nine months of 2016 (+10.2 per cent) and the van total of 4,348 units is 314 more than the corresponding period in 2016 (+7.8 per cent).

The heavy-duty sector recorded 1,139 new trucks for the month, which takes the total for the year’s first three quarters to 8,262, which is already 1,315 more ‘big trucks’ than for the same nine months last year (+18.9 per cent). September recorded 303 additional heavy-duty units over last year, which is a 36.2 per cent increase.

As well as a significant rise in general freight, the demand continues for extra trucks required to move the bulk materials, which TIC attributes to the current increase in infrastructure projects around the country.

Medium-duty trucks clocked up 666 sales in September, marginally up on 2016 (629 units) and the year to date results show just a steady rise of 2.0 per cent or 106 units.

Light-duty sales show 1,012 units, which again is just marginally above September 2016’s 1,003 but the year to date total of 8,435 maintains a 7.9 per cent growth (618 units).

Heavy van sales of 487 during September took the total at the end of the September quarter to 4,348, maintaining a healthy 7.8 per cent growth.

The biggest problem for many manufacturers now seems to be matching supply with demand, as waiting times for some models are stretching well into mid-2018. However, this gives the industry a solid head start for next year, and though currently no one is talking down 2017’s final results, the next quarter is expected to be better than ‘good’.

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