Start-up cold carrier receives first Volvos in roadtrain order

Start-up transport company, Auscool Logistics, has taken delivery of three new Volvo FH16s and multiple Maxi-CUBE B-double trailers ahead of a massive order to bolster its refrigerated transport capability.

The first of the 20 Volvo units purchased will be allocated to roadtrain combinations carrying refrigerated freight out of Auscool Logistics’ Ormeau, Queensland depot, along the east coast and to Perth, Western Australia.

“We’re building out a fleet of late model trucks and trailers to assist our customers with getting their freight to retailers throughout the country,” Auscool Logistics General Manager, Ryan Johnstone, told Prime Mover.

“The new Volvos have been doing a good job for us, they’re very fuel efficient as well, which is extremely important given the elevated fuel prices we are seeing today,” he said.

“Fuel efficiency is one of the main reasons we went with the Volvo product, along with their reliability, and they’ve got good service centres and a great dealer network as well.”

The Volvos are fitted with all of the latest technology in fleet and driver management, such as fatigue management systems, monitoring and driver aids.

Given the 4,300km trek asked of the drivers, they are also decked out with comfort features including big bunks, fridges and microwaves.

“Going across the country, we do a lot of runs to Perth with them, so having them properly specified is extremely important,” Johnstone said.

“Certainly, we don’t see many maintenance issues with them, and if we do, Volvo has a great dealer network with well-equipped service centres to respond to our needs.

“This ensures our fleet spends more time on the road than in the workshop, delivering reliability to our customers.”

Johnstone revealed that Auscool Logistics is planning to run a full Volvo fleet and is looking to add electric vehicles down the track as well for its local PUD deliveries.

That being the case, he said there will be many more Volvos and refrigerated trailer combinations set to arrive in the near future.

“We will continue to add the Volvo product to our fleet through fleet expansions and our fleet renewal program,” he told Prime Mover.

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