SPONSORED: FatigueHACK: A Road Safety Wake Up Call

Fatigue can be fatal. Long hours on the road impair decision-making, slow reaction times and at worst, lead to falling asleep at the wheel. Insufficient rest puts drivers and everyone around them at risk.

It’s a challenge the industry has been trying to solve for years. But the current approach, paper work diaries, is not enough. You can’t easily track fatigue or account for individual circumstances and context. In addition, electronic alternatives are currently only a voluntary supplement to paper logbooks. Meanwhile, drivers on the road are trying to balance the stress of strict deadlines, complex compliance regulations and unpredictable road users. It’s time for a better solution.

It’s why Teletrac Navman is proud to sponsor FatigueHACK, a Trucking Australia 2018 event hosted by the Australian Transport Association (ATA). The aim is to find a more effective solution to manage fatigue, by hosting developers, designers, industry experts, researchers, regulators and drivers to come up with new ideas.

“Teletrac Navman, the ATA and the trucking industry are passionate about safety, slashing red tape and finding genuine solutions to this intractable issue”, Andrew Rossington, Vice President Transport at Teletrac Navman said. “A hackathon is the best way to generate creative and innovative solutions, as participants develop, refine and test innovations and ideas over two days.”

The top three teams will get the chance to pitch their ideas to delegates at Trucking Australia 2018, who will then nominate as mentors and provide access to rapid innovation workshops. The winning teams will also receive post-program support from fellow sponsor CBR Innovation Network to get them acceleration- and incubation-ready.

The ultimate goal is to identify a solution that’s effective, simple to use and easily regulated. As ATA Chair Geoff Crouch says, “The industry and our regulators must keep ahead of technological change. We want the HACK to be the most important development in truck driver fatigue policy since paper-based work diaries were introduced.”

Prizes for the winning solutions will total up to $10,000 – but the real reward for the industry will be the lives saved on the road.

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