Skilling the workforce

The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (T&L Skills Council) is an independent, not-for-profit, industry-led body established by the Australian Government.

T&L Skills Council is charged with driving the skills and workforce development agenda across the transport and logistics industry. In addition to developing and maintaining the nation’s vocational qualifications, it also works on the ground with individual enterprises to build their capabilities in workforce development and planning.

Workforce development – making the most of Government funding opportunities

T&L Skills Council has received considerable interest from road transport companies during the year to access funding to help support the cost of training staff. Programs such as the Enterprise Based Productivity Places Program (EBPPP), Workplace English Language & Literacy (WELL) and the National Workforce Development Fund have provided opportunities for enterprises or associations to apply for funding a wide variety of business, OH&S, training and assessment, and transport-related qualifications.

Under these programs, business and government share the cost of delivery of a full qualification, predominantly based on delivery at the workplace. For truck drivers undertaking the Certificate III Driving Operations qualification, this often includes in-cab training and assessment, helping limit the time required away from the vehicle.

These programs are ongoing and the Workforce Development section of the Skills Council offers free and independent advice to industry on Registered Training Organisation selection, funding guidelines, plus advice on finding the qualification best suited to the organisation’s needs. In fact, T&L Skills Council has helped more than 1300 applicants in transport and logistics businesses receive a total training value of about $7.25 million from the EBPPP funding program alone.

Building a highly skilled workforce is a key element in increasing the productivity of the existing base of workers. Training can be used to achieve this goal and affect change, driving efficiencies. It can also be used where regulatory change has an impact on business.

Working with industry to develop the needed skills training

There are some exciting new changes to the TLI10 training package on their way.  These updates will be incorporated into version 2 of the training package which will be available in 2012.

T&L Skills Council has been working closely with industry to develop the Certificate IV in Driving Operations.

This new qualification will include Fuel Tanker Driver, Chemical Tanker Driver, LP Gas Tanker Driver and Heavy Recovery Operator.

All qualifications will also receive three new units around Chain of Responsibility. These units will be placed in the elective banks of all Driving Operations and related qualifications.

T&L Skills Council works with transport organisations and employers, peak bodies, unions and regulators on a daily basis. This close rapport led to the discovery that many drivers were in need of more training in reference to the appropriate completing of work diaries. As a result a new unit has been developed for the Driving Operations qualifications. This new unit will focus on the competent completion of a work diary and be available in the soon to be released TLI10 version 2 Training Package.

Special projects for the trucking industry – “Get Your Diary Right”

In conjunction with developing a new training unit about work diaries, T&L Skills Council is also supporting a project funded by DEEWR to assist truck drivers to comply with their regulatory obligation to maintain an accurate work diary. A pilot project will be conducted in Victoria commencing early in 2012 and will then be rolled out to other states. The opportunity is open to contract as well as permanent drivers. If you or your drivers would like to participate in the pilot program, please contact the T&L Skills Council to register your interest.

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