SKF Wheel End Monitor

SKF has introduced the newly developed SKF Wheel End Monitor. The SKF Wheel End Monitor is designed to detect early stage wheel bearing damage in heavy-duty trucks and trailers. It helps drivers avoid costly breakdowns that can damage truck and trailer components by providing advanced warning the bearing is approaching the end of its service life.

“The SKF Wheel End Monitor is the latest in a series of breakthrough technologies for the truck industry from SKF,” said Jim Soubalov, SKF Truck Sales. “With the SKF Wheel End Monitor, we are providing a product focused on increasing overall vehicle safety by detecting bearing defects before they become a serious issue. This combined with reduced maintenance and costs, is something the industry has needed for many years.”

The SKF Wheel End Monitor is installed at the outboard side of the truck wheel rim. There it monitors vibration and changes to an alert mode when measuring vibration created from raceway spalling. The SKF Wheel End Monitor will indicate its finding by flashing a green or red light. A green light signal indicates the bearing is defect free and a red signal indicates a potential problem.

Benefits of the SKF Wheel End Monitor include:

– Bearing failures are detected well before they lead to an unplanned truck stop
– Prevention of a truck breakdown avoids expensive repairs
– The warning system assists in reducing the threat of a wheel coming off and increases driver safety
– The bearing is not replaced until it reaches the end of its life and therefore unnecessary maintenance can be avoided
– The application fits in already existing truck systems, therefore a change-over is not needed

Ultimately all these benefits ensure that SKF is at the cutting-edge in the truck market.

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