SKF launches new energy efficient bearing

SKF has introduced the SKF Energy Efficient (E2) tapered roller bearing (TRB), which was specifically designed for truck final drive applications to reduce friction, fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

“All our product engineering efforts are focused towards having solutions that are energy efficient, long lasting and reducing cost for the truck and fleet owners,” said Christian Genheimer, SKF Product and Business Development Manager, Trucks.

“They should also be easy to install and cost efficient. It is all about saving money and time, but also reducing the negative impact on the environment.”

According to SKF, the SKF E2 TRB can achieve fuel savings up to an estimated annual saving of 150 litres per year for vehicles used on long haul routes. In comparison to standard SKF TRBs, the new SKF E2 TRB has been further improved, now offering a friction reduction of about 30 per cent.

Specific features of the new bearing include fewer rollers, improved roller topography and modified raceway profiles. The improvement of rollers means that, despite their reduced number, the E2 TRB offers the same nominal carrying capacity as standard TRBs, according to SKF.

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