Situation Aware

Taking the stress out of an already stressful situation is a priority for Australian transport and logistics insurance specialists NTI.
Heavy vehicle stopped in inclement conditions.

There isn’t any way to sugar-coat it. Truck accidents are traumatic, and even the minor ones can leave drivers shaken and causing major disruption to the business while the vehicle is out of operation.

The subsequent insurance claim is often the farthest thing from the driver’s mind — as it should be.

With its award-winning claims system, NTI is ensuring the welfare of drivers comes first and that they get back to work as quickly as possible.

“Our primary concern is the safety of the driver,” says NTI’s Head of Claims Operations, Mary-Ann Van Rensburg.

“By being involved from the time the call is made from the accident scene, we can work with our network of service providers to assist the driver by providing access to professional nursing services, repatriating the driver to the nearest accommodation or transport home, and access to trauma counselling post accident when required. Whilst this is happening, the NTI team are busy arranging the recovery of the vehicle, clean up of the accident scene, and opening up the roads again.”

NTI Head of Claims Operations Mary Ann Van Rensburg.
Mary Ann Van Rensburg.

But claims, and the paperwork involved, is an unfortunate inevitability and can be fraught with obstacles.

This is why NTI has taken the claims process and redesigned it into their own unique solution.

NTI’s first step was distinguishing what the pain points in the process were and reducing as many of them as possible.

The outcome was a clearer understanding of its customers’ needs, as well as recognition that, just like no customer is the same, every accident is unique.

“We have a dedicated internal incident response team that works closely with all relevant stakeholders to activate the appropriate response, all starting from the accident scene,” says NTI Head of Claims Services, Tim Pontifex.

“We’re all about reducing any stress and effort and making the aftermath of a traumatic event as seamless as possible.”

The incident response team is all part of an integrated approach that combines both internal and external expertise, all working together towards getting customers back to work.

Among the advantages of this process is an in-house, 24-hour national service centre that provides an Accident Assist Service seven days a week. A dedicated repair manager is also allocated to each claim to manage the repair.

The goal for NTI is to settle every claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“With 99 per cent of claims settled it should provide comfort to our clients on how we handle claims,” Pontifex says. “We understand the importance of providing efficient, effective claims service to reduce disruptions to our customers and their business and keeping the downtime to a minimum.”

NTI Head of Claims Services Tim Pontifex.
Tim Pontifex.

That understanding has resulted in NTI getting noticed within the industry.

The company has recently been awarded the Mansfield Award for Specialty Insurance. The award recognises excellence in claims within the Australian insurance industry and are awarded based on surveys completed by insurance brokers, policyholders, and repairers.

NTI has built up a national network of service providers made up of 70 premium and local repairers who deliver quality, timely and cost-effective repairs, with each bound by agreements with NTI to ensure the ongoing service of mutual clients.

Independent research of its premium repairers found that NTI jobs were completed, on average, nine days faster than competitors, an important finding considering each day a vehicle is off the road is a cost to the client.

Part of the reason for its quick turn-around time is that NTI authorised repairers don’t require an official assessment on vehicles before beginning repairs and can begin ordering parts immediately.

Other benefits NTI can offer include its own parts division, offering a cost-effective and time-saving option for repairers. It also provides a lifetime guarantee on all authorised repairs.

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