Simon National Carriers recognised with ASP certification

Simon National Carriers

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has certified Simon National Carriers to be an Application Service Provider (ASP) through the National Telematics Framework (NTF).

Transport operators like Simon National Carriers, who have invested in their own telematics systems, can obtain TCA certification so they can participate in NTF applications and schemes by using technologies already used in their vehicles.

Having obtained certification, Simon National Carriers can provide telematics applications up to Level 2 Assurance, including the Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA) and Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) applications of the NTF, for its own vehicles.

According to Simon National Carriers CEO, David Simon, the move to have the fleet’s telematics system certified by TCA allows the company’s Performance-Based Standard (PBS) drivers to meet TMA and Smart On-Board Mass (OBM) system requirements on the routes they travel between Brisbane and Melbourne.

“Our fleet comprises PBS combinations, including A-doubles, that require enrolment in TMA and Smart OBM systems to conform with road access conditions,” he said.

“We decided it was time to have our existing telematics system recognised by TCA, rather than fit yet another system in our vehicles.”

TCA General Manager Strategy and Delivery, Gavin Hill, congratulated Simon National Carriers on becoming a certified ASP and for delivering services for its own vehicles through the NTF.

“It highlights how the NTF can accommodate transport operators who have made investments in their technology, which satisfy their specific needs,” he said.

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