Shell experts expect ‘mosaic’ of fuel solutions

Shell Australia’s panel discussion held during this year’s ITTES has shown that there is no one silver bullet solution for transport operators in Australia – but plenty of options to choose from.

“In the future, we’ll see a mosaic of solutions,” said Shell Fuel and Lubricant Technical Expert, Paul Smallacombe. “With fuels, there will be gas to liquids producing synthetic diesel fuels, CNG, LNG and biofuels will grow; with lubricants there’ll be a growing use of synthetics to help with fuel economy, and we’ll see more hybridisation of trucks.”

Neil Chambers, CEO of Victorian Transport Association agreed, “There’s no one silver bullet, and Shell is focused on better use of alternatives into the future, where truck operators will start find the best fuel burn option for the kilometres travelled.”

The discussion largely centered on industry trends such as alternative fuels, Euro 6 engine technology and how operators are working hard to meet standards through using innovative fuels and lubricants.

Panelists also included Sean McLean, Cummins General Manager Marketing; and truck journalist Matt Wood.

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