SGGS takes a dozen new Kenworths as part of 60-truck order

An order of 12 new Kenworths have arrived at interstate carrier SGGS.

The trucks in question — five T610SARs, six K200s and one T909 — have been delivered with another 25 Kenworths already placed on the order books for next year with 35 additional units scheduled for 2024/25.

Prior to this latest injection of vehicles, SGGS was already operating another 45 Kenworths in B-doubles, quad axles and roadtrains.

Based in Brisbane, SGGS, operates a fleet of 100 prime movers carrying dangerous goods all over Australia.

The heavy vehicles in the fleet, which includes the latest Mercedes-Benz Actros MP5, travel from the east coast to Perth daily and occasionally up to Darwin.

Titeliner sets from Vawdrey are interchangeable enabling the trucks to work across different legs at short notice to better utilise equipment according to customer requirements.

The Kenworth T909 is the first SGGS has purchased from PACCAR.

It now runs two of these units having purchased secondhand the showpiece orange Kenworth T909 from Flying Horse Transport which was sold as part of a recent asset downscaling.

The new Kenworth T909 comes with a 50-inch bunk and is powered by a Cummins X15 Euro V 600hp engine paired with a Eaton 22 Series UltraShift gearbox.

Along with the two other Kenworth variants, this truck will be added ad hoc to SGGS’ ongoing PBS applications.

“We have a mixed bag,” says Adam Fraser, SGGS General Manager. “Whether it’s a workhorse like the K200 and the T610SAR or the Benz they’re all pulling their weight, doing the same work, reliably.”

The new T909 fits with a growing trend among fleets to purchase a flagship truck.

These new Kenworths offer new levels of comfort and style for the brand according to Fraser.

The drivers, for one measure, love them.

“The boys in the driver team have taken a liking to the SAR,” said Fraser. “A lot of the drivers seem to want to drive it.”

“The way Kenworth works with our team and understands what we need and delivers to those needs makes it a very healthy relationship.”

Nick Gesovski at Kenworth DAF Melbourne helped facilitate the sale which incorporates a 2-year bumper to bumper warranty through PACCAR Financial.

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