SGGS launches first B-triple with CTI

B-triple combination.

Interstate transport company, SGGS Transport, has unveiled its first B-triple with CTI Logistics.

The B-triple combination is servicing CTI depots between Sydney and Perth each week, a round trip of approximately 8000km.

Built to specifications supplied by CTI, the Performance-Based Standards approved high performance vehicle was, up until its maiden run, an around-the- clock project for Nigel Pretyman CTI NSW Business Manager and Dannii Spiteri SGGS Victorian Branch Manager.

“This has taken us approximately eight months, with Nigel’s knowledge and additional help from Tiger Spider for the route and permit and Royans for their prompt and quality work on the livery on the trailers,” said Spiteri.

Project milestones included the required PBS certification requirements for both the unit and Kenworth K200 prime mover to achieving the permit to run directly out of CTI’s site in Sydney to having the Vawdrey trailers painted up until the launch day in the first week of July.

There were few engineering or design challenges according to Spiteri.

“By partnering with quality providers in Vawdrey, Kenworth, Tiger Spider and Royans, we were able to achieve this in a less stressful time and manner, running to over and above General Mass Limits to Concessional Mass Limits, giving us greater weight carrying capabilities to CTI’s varying customer requirements,” she told Prime Mover.

The B-triple combination is already providing improved efficiencies by carrying more cargo per trip than a B-double combination, reducing the number of trips required to move CTI’s express and premium express LTL Freight from Sydney to Perth.

Powered by Euro 5 X15 Cummins engine, the Kenworth K200 is one of 16 it purchased earlier in the year.

Spiteri said the B-triple further strengthened the current and ongoing partnership between the two companies.

“By utilising the B-triple combination, this has provided decreased traffic congestion, less trucks on the road running east-west and has helped reduce operational costs and increase profitability in a tough and softening market,” she said.

“By doing this, it has enabled CTI to continue to provide a cost effective express and premium express service offering to their customers.

“In addition to this, it has also assisted SGGS in lowering fuel costs, bring down maintenance requirements and reduces the number of trips required over B-double combinations.”

According to Spiteri, SGGS is committed also to providing marketing exposure for its customers by ensuring branding, in this case on the trailer curtains, is vivid and distinctive.

The collaborative project has thus far proven a winning combination for both parties.

“CTI has enjoyed working with SGGS . The partnership continues to grow and evolve,” said Pretyman.

“SGGS is now one of our major linehaul providers, and we look forward to building on our partnership in the future,” he said.

“The communication, technology and quality of equipment provided is best in class and what CTI requires from a partner.”

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