Set rates to cover costs

NatRoad is reminding operators that from 1 July fuel tax credits (diesel grant) has been reduced to 15.543 cents per litre, down from 16.443 cents per litre.

Jurisdictions can also implement increases to registration charges of 4.2 per cent for registrations falling due from 1 July 2010. This is in addition to the previously implemented staged increases to certain combinations, such as B-doubles, and is the last of staged increases. The main part of the staged registration increase is for lead trailers, so the total registration charge for B-doubles has increased to $15,340 plus any administration fees, made up of $7582 for prime movers and $7758 for trailers.

NatRoad recommends that members take account of the reduction of fuel tax credits and the increase in registration charges when setting rates.

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