September truck sales solid

Truck sales at end of the third quarter of 2016 brought with it mixed results for the Australian new commercial vehicle market, according to the latest sales statistics by the Truck Industry Council (TIC).

According to the TIC, the overall market stands at just 2.4 per cent above the same period as last year, with the truck sales contribution, which is up 3.7 per cent (702 extra units), being tempered by the van segment being down 3.3 per cent (139 less units for the year to date).

Data also showed cab chassis and prime mover sales fluctuated across a range of manufacturers. Isuzu is 791 units in front of its own results from the first three quarters of 2015 (up 14.8 per cent) and stands 2,883 units ahead of its nearest volume competitor Hino, which recorded 3,262 units, 80 trucks behind its own 2015 result (-2.4 per cent).

The heavy-duty truck category fought back to be only 3.8 per cent down on the comparable 2015 result, equating to 273 less big trucks sold – yet incrementally positive year-to-date sales from manufacturers like Volvo, Freightliner and Mercedes-Benz show that the category, remains steady. Kenworth leads the segment with 1440 units, followed by Volvo (1125), Isuzu (958), Mack (598) and Scania (446).

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