Seeing Machines partners with semiconductor company

Computer vision technology company, Seeing Machines, has inked an agreement with a global semiconductor firm to license its Occula Neural Processing Unit (Occula).

Occula, according to Seeing Machines, is a custom accelerator designed for integration with ARM based System on Chips (SOCs) for the purpose of accelerating Seeing Machines' software and to support ultra low-power human face, eye and body tracking.

Licensing Occula to third party semiconductor companies is reported to create additional pathways to automotive customers offering Driver Monitoring System (DMS) technology on a range of hardware.

“Licensing our unique IP in this way allows us to distribute our technology through major auto and technology suppliers onto complementary platforms,” said Seeing Machines CEO, Paul McGlone.

“I’m delighted to see our Embedded Product Strategy coming to life, as we partner with large automotive semiconductor companies, creating new channels to market and addressing the growing integration challenges for driver monitoring technology faced by our OEM and Tier 1 customers.”

Earlier this month, Seeing Machines announced its Embedded Product Strategy for the automotive market which aims to target the rapidly expanding camera-based interior monitoring market. This 'three pillar' strategy includes the FOVIO chip (newly advanced with the introduction of Seeing Machines' Occula Neural Processing Unit), a low-friction integration pathway into any vehicle integration point (such as smart-mirrors, instrument clusters, infotainment ECUs or centralised ADAS processing systems) and Occula which is now available for license, in ASIC form, to world-leading semiconductor companies for integration with any automotive compute platform.

Last month, Seeing Machines reported growth in its FY2020 results.

Also, fatigue, distraction and rollover events are reported to be greatly reduced after a year of installing Guardian.

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