Seage Transport takes delivery of new DAF CF530s

Seage Transport

Queensland-based transport company, Seage Transport, has taken delivery of two new DAF CF530 prime movers.

The two units, in a rigid dual steer 8×4 figuration, will be used for the fleet’s metropolitan deliveries of building and construction materials in Melbourne.

Choosing DAF for this application, Seage Transport Director, Nathan Seage, told Prime Mover, was a given due to the renowned comfort, performance and durability that comes with the product.

“Versatility and performance were the driving factors for why we went for that particular piece of machinery,” he said.

“They’re a 530-horsepower vehicle, which makes a significant difference in our line of work compared to other models available on the market.”

According to Seage, the prime movers have gotten off to a great start in their operations, testament to the performance of the fleet’s previous DAF truck.

“We’re familiar with this type of truck and its capability, the 8×4 configuration has a proven track record giving rise to optimal payload capacity,” he said

Established in 2010 by Seage and his brother, Craig, Seage Transport is a family owned and operated business which began as a single truck operation.

After embarking on a business idea which lead to the expansion of the Seage brothers’ small distribution business on the Gold Coast, the family business now has a fleet of semi-trailers and prime movers which cover Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Continued growth in the next few years, according to Seage, will see more DAF prime movers arrive at Seage Transport.

“There’s always room for expansion,” Seage said.

“In terms of changing equipment over, we’ll look at redressing the fleet in the years to come.

“DAF sits at the forefront of that product choice for us as a business decision. We’re happy with the product’s performance and capability for the style of work that we do.”

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